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Tippmann X7 Phenom Assault Edition

Tippmann X7 Phenom Assault Edition

Pris:  kr 4 699,00
Model Nummer: PGUNTIP008
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Tippmann X7 Phenom Assault Edition

The Tippmann X7 Phenom Assault Edition has all the features of the original X7 Phenom but now have pre-equipped with tactical accessories. The X7 Phenom features a searless bolt action marker that prevents a lot of wear on parts as the previous X7 marker. The new bolt FlexValve assembly drastically reduces the amount of recoil the gun produces which makes the marker more comfortable to use and increases accuracy dramatically. The FlexValve system increases the air efficiency of the marker allowing about 1,400 shots per 68/4500 tank which means more shooting and less time refilling your tank in between games. The X7 Phenom marker is about 2-3 inches shorter in length then the previous model, this makes the marker more manuervable in tight corners but still accepts over 20 different upgrades for the original X7 that allows players to customize their gun to exactly what they want. The Cyclone Feed System is pre-equipped feed system that feeds paintballs into the breech of the gun, this results in less jams in the loader, more consistent firing rates & pressure operated so no batteries are required. The E-Grip is unique as it fires at a rate of 15bps utilizing a 9V battery but switches to a complete mechanical grip frame at semi automatic function where no battery is used or acts as a back up if the battery choses to die, this is one of the first Tippmann markers to utilize this feature. The X7 Phenom is both Co2 and HPA compatible allowing versatile ability to switch from different propellants.

The Assault Edition of the X7 Phenom features a foldable stock, assault front sight post, curved magazine and assault foregrip. The foldable stock allows players to effectively holster their gun for better accuracy and also folds if you need a smaller profile for CQB situation. Front sight post works effectively with the rear sights helps you line up your shot for pin point accuracy. The curved magazine gives a comfortable foregrip when you holster your gun and adds a tactical appeal to your gun.

  • Compact and lightweight aluminum body
  • Push Pin body construction holds the marker together for easier maintenance
  • All Metal trigger for durability and added realistic effect
  • Hall Effect magnetic trigger for smooth and easy trigger pull and long lasting as there's no parts to wear out
  • 9V E-Grip with full automatic function up to 15bps
  • E-Grip with semi automatic mechanical function uses no batteries and acts as back up
  • Cyclone Feed System loader consistently feeds paintballs into the gun without the need of batteries
  • 9.5" A5/X7 Threaded barrel with high polish finish and ported barrel to reduce the sound signature
  • FlexValve bolt assembly reduces recoil increases accuracy and high air efficiency for more shots per tank fill
  • Selector fire switch for easy firing mode switching
  • Compatible with Co2 or HPA propellant

  • X7 Phenom
  • Assault Stock
  • Assault Front Sight Post
  • Assault Foregrip
  • M16 Curved Magazine
  • Maintenance Pack
  • Instruction Manual
  • Marker Lubricant
  • Barrel Blocking Devices
  • Low Profile Hopper